Jolene Robbertse Heirloom Album Design
Let me design your albums, so you can do what you love.

Let’s face it, as a photographer you already wear so many hats from planning and executing the perfect shoot, being a photo editor, bookkeeper, marketing director, customer service representative and more {on any given day}. By now, you may have realized that you cannot do it all. Outsourcing this crucial part of your business to a dedicated album design professional will free you up to focus fully on your photography business.

Heirloom Albums was born out of a need for a better and more simplistic method for professional photographers to do more of what you love, with less stress and time constraints.

You simply upload or share your photos and within a couple of days you will have your first design. Our proofing system is made simple for both you and your clients, you have three rounds of revisions for any changes. Once the design is complete and you are happy with your design, you can download your high resolution, print ready files to submit to your preferred printing company or make use of Heirloom Albums’ printing service for an all-inclusive solution.

It is that simple! So for peace of mind and happy clients let Heirloom Album Design help you reach your business’ full potential by taking some things off your plate.

I am passionate about the art of photography and believe every photograph is something truly unique. In sharing my love for album design and photography, I try to slow down, taking the best captured moments for each client, making sure every smile, breath, thought, and thrill that is caught perfectly in time, be remembered and cherished for decades to come.

My design style is natural and rich, adding emphasis on your best images. Every album is hand made, from the design right through to the printing, binding and packaging, making sure your work is treated with the integrity it deserves.

Professionalism, trust and friendship is the foundation of my business. I offer high quality products and services with a 100% quality guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, it will be replaced – as simple as that. I take no short cuts, Only the best quality products and construction are used for each and every album ensuring it will last for generations to come.

With Heirloom Album Design you can expect only the best to compliment your brand.

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Jolene Robbertse a little bit about me

I believe in Jesus Christ, the Lord is my strength and the very core, beginning and end of my life and business.

First up, I start my day in prayer and COFFEE! This girls gotta have some caffeine to get the creative juices flowing. I am married to an amazing husband and we have two gorgeous boys! Nigel is where you’ll find me {yes, it’s on the map}, at home {a.k.a. my studio} working along side my husband. Cooking isn’t really my thing, although I can cook up a mean Lasagna and bake the most ridiculously moist cakes. My favorite thing to do to just unwind and relax is watching a good movie {fantasy, romance and animations with the boys}. You will find some Christian books in my Audible app that I love listening to, mostly about parenting, marriage and theology.

My ideal client is someone who shares my values, who believe in being mindful and not wasteful. Someone who sees the beauty in life and inspire others with authenticity, value relationships and help one another reach their goals and dreams.

Now that you know a little bit more about me, reach out to me on social media so that we can get to know and support each other!